Specialist services

I have a wealth of knowledge and specialise in the following services:

Preparation of Budgets and Business Plans/ Project Appraisals

A well prepared budget/business plan is a requisite when dealing with potential lenders e.g. banks, and can mean the difference between being successful or not. Spreadsheet modelling is one of my strengths and I can design fully flexible and dynamic models that you could use to plan your business.

Microsoft Access, Excel and Powerpoint

These industry standard applications are powerful tools for analysing data and presenting your results professionally. As an experienced user I can get the answers that you require quickly and efficiently and prepare them for presentation to a wide range of users and audiences.

Finance Director Services to make your business grow

Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot justify or afford a full-time Finance Director/Finance Manager, which is essential in today's business environment.

An FD's job is not only to ensure that there are secure Financial and Management Controls in place but also to plan ahead. As an experienced Finance Director/Finance Manager, I can assist and add value to your business by working at your premises on an agreed basis, e.g. one day a week or perhaps just at the month end or year end.